Corporate governance as a tool for economic growth

Authors: dr. Rado Bohinc (ed.), dr. Mejra Festić, dr. Vesna Dizdarević, dr. John Hopkins, dr. Jožef Mencinger, dr. Matjaž Nahtigal, dr. Barbara Rajgelj, dr. Bojan Tičar, dr. Katja Eman, published by: Založba FDV, Ljubljana 2014
Authors of this book are from two Slovenia’s universities (University of Ljubljana, University of Primorska) and from the University of Canterbury, New Zeeland.
The book is based on the research project, financed by the Agency for Research and Development of the RS, number J5-4233, duration 1.7.2011 – 30.6.2014 called: CORPORATE GOVERNANCE AS A TOOL TO OVERCOME WORLD ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL CRISIS. The research was dealing with the roots and consequences of the world economic and financial crisis, focusing on the factors of economic growth, related to corporate governance and some macroeconomic issues. As for domestic factors, important factors of efficiency, effectiveness and competitiveness have to do first of all with the transition issues, like unfinished or unimplemented parts of reforms of the legal, economic and political system. Even more, there are serious gaps between enacted legal system solutions and reality in business and politics, due to weak enforcement system on one hand and strong and deeply entrenched previous business ethics and practices on another.