Academic references in brief

Prof. dr. Rado Bohinc is full professor of comparative business and European Union (EU) law and principal researcher at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Faculty of Social Sciences (UL FDV). He has been lecturing and researching since early 1990, also at many universities abroad, for ex. USA (UCLA – Fulbright, 1999, University of San Diego, 1999, 2019, New York State University, Potsdam, 1987, Cornell University, Ithaca 1987, Cleveland State University 1989 and recently in Europe (Germany 2017, Spain 2017, Italy 2015, 2018, Czech 2019, Norway 2017) Russia (2017, 2018), India 2017, 2018, Nepal 2017, 2018, South Korea, 2018, New Zealand, 2014 etc.).  He also acted as a key note speaker or as a speaker at numerous national and international scientific conferences and symposia (see details in a separate chapter and all details in SICRIS).

Dr. Bohinc’s pedagogical activity includes almost 30 years of university teaching at all three levels (graduate, master and PhD) at FDV UL and other universities, beginning as an assistant professor in 1988, continuing as an associate professor and since l. 2003 onward, as a full professor and senior researcher at University of Ljubljana, University of Maribor and University of Primorska. He has also lectured occasionally as visiting professor or guest lecturer at other national and foreign universities as explained above, mainly in the field of comparative business law and corporate governance and  European Union law, institutions and policies

Dr. Rado Bohinc has been an active researcher ever since 1999: he has been so far the head of the 9 and the associate in 4 national basic and several   international research projects. In more details, the fields and results of the research are evident from the titles of numerous scientific publications (monographs and proceedings) summarising the research achievements. He is currently the head of Comparative Law Research centre of the UL FDV, a member of the Public and Private Sector Network Management research program and the member of the Law Research institute of the Scientific Research Center of Koper (see details in a separate chapter and all details in SICRIS).

Dr. Rado Bohinc published 40 scientific monographs, 17 independent scientific essays or chapters in a monograph, and 52 peer-reviewed scientific articles (all official SICRIS data).

His early books are Property and Governance, 1988 (GV), Joint Stock Company 1990, (GV), Corporate Governance in Europe and the United States, 2001 (FDV), Public Law Entities (in co-authorship), 2003 (GV).

His most important scientific monographs are Corporations, 2009 (Nebra), Comparative corporate law, 2010 (Verlag DM, Saarbrücken), Corporations and partnerships, ed.2006, ed.2009, ed.2012, ed.2018 (Kluwer), Media law, ed.2014, ed.2019 (Kluwer), Insurance law (co-author), 2018 (Kluwer), EU law and institutions, ed.2007, ed. 2012 (FDV) Social Responsibility 2017 (FDV). He is the editor and co-author of several joint publications, for example: Social Responsibility, 2018 (FDV), Corporate Social Responsibility, 2016 (FDV), Corporate governance as a tool for economic growth, 2016 (FDV).

Dr. Rado Bohinc delivered more than 30 scientific contributions at international scientific conferences, in the capacity of a keynote speaker, panelist or rapporteur. He has been a mentor in 10 doctoral thesis and co-mentor at 2. He has been also a mentor in 25 master’s and 2 specialist papers and a co-mentor at 4 and a mentor in 84 graduate’s diplomas.


  • Degree in Law, Faculty of Law University of ljubljana 1971
  • Master Degree in Law, Faculty of Law University of ljubljana 1984
  • Doctoral Degree in Law, Faculty of Law University of ljubljana 1987

Present employment:

  • Professor and principal researcher of Business (Corporate), Labour and EU Law, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana (since 1991),
  • Department Head of the Research Centre for Comparative Legal Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences,University of Ljubljana (since 1996).
  • Member of the Law Research institute of the Scientific Research Center of Koper (part time)

Former employments:

  • Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana ( 2015-2017),
  • Rector of the University of Primorska (2007-2011),
  • Department Head of the Law Institute, Science and Research Centre, University of Primorska Koper, Slovenia (2010-2014),
  • Minister of the Interior and member of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia (2000-2004),
  • Minister for Science and Technology and member of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia (1993-1996),
  • Minister of Economy in Government of the former Yugoslavia (1988),
  • General Secretary and Vice-President of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce (1984-1988),
  • President of the Slovenian Institute of Management (since 1990 until 2015).

Former scientific and expert positions

  • President of the administrative board of the Agency for research of Slovenia (2014-2019);
  • President of the Slovenian Science Foundation and member of the Administration Board (1994-2012),
  • President of the Rectors Conference of the Alps-Adriatic Universities (2009 – 2010),
  • President of Rectors’ Conference of the Republic of Slovenia (2008 – 2010),
  • President of Supervisory boards in a number of companies,
  • President of the Administrative Board of the University of Ljubljana (1999-2000),
  • Member of the Science Council and of the International Board for Public and Cooperative Economy, CIREC, Liege,
  • Member of the Standing Committee for Social Sciences of the European Science Foundation,
  • Member of the Administrative Board of the University of Ljubljana and Faculty of Social Sciences,
  • Chief editor of the journal Company and Work (1978-2008),
  • President of the association Citizen forum (1996-2000),
  • President of the Society of business lawyers of Ljubljana.



-Full Professor of Comparative  Business and EU Law at the University of Ljubljana,  since 1991 up until now and part time lecturer at other national and international universities

-Senior Researcher and Project principal of the research projects in the fields of Corporate, Business and EU Law

SOME RECENT INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY LECTURES (visiting fellow, guest lecturer) – topic and dates:

Dr. BOHINC, Rado, OECD Guidelines for Multinational enterprises, Metropolitan University Prague (MUP), Chezch, 2019

Dr. BOHINC, Rado, Employee Structural and Financial Participation on Corporate Governance, Chonnam National University (CNU), Daegu, South Korea, November 2018

Dr. BOHINC, Rado, EU institutions, policies and law, Kungpong National University of Daegu (KNU), South Korea, October 2018

Dr. BOHINC, Rado, EU and OECD company law developments, digitalization of exercising corporate rights and duties/liabilities, conflict of interest of corporate directors, University of Witten, Germany, April 2018

Dr. BOHINC, Rado, EU and OECD company law developments, corporate boards, shareholders’ rights University of Salerno, Italy, February 2018

Dr. BOHINC, Rado, Shareholders law in OECD-EU comparisons: Erasmus+ program, course Commercial Law, at Universitat autonoma de Barcelona (UAB), Facultat de Dret, Spain 2 May 2017

Dr. BOHINC, Rado, EU and comparative company law Erasmus+ program, Course International business law, at Universitat autonoma de Barcelona, Facultat de Dret, Spain (UAB), 3 May 2017

Dr. BOHINC, Rado, EU Law, institutions and policies  University of Business Administration (BA), Oslo, Norway, October 2017

Dr. BOHINC, Rado, Doing business in European Union,  EU priorities, policies, institutions and legal constrains (customs union, single market, competition and company law); BIMTECH University, New Delhi, India, 2017, 2018

Dr. BOHINC, Rado, Social enterprises in the EU; member states regulatory approaches and EU documents; Federal University of Stavropol, Russia, 2017.

Dr. BOHINC, Rado. European public law: invited lectures at the University of Canterbury School of Law, Christchurch, New Zealand, November 2014

Participation in international scientific conferences and symposia, organized mainly by:

-EU, USA, Turkey, Russia, India scientific bodies and institutions,

-European University association, international universities’ and research institutions

-International Centre for Public, Social and Cooperative Economy, CIRIEC;

-European Science Foundation;

-Scientific Conferences in the field of Business Law, Economy and other Social sciences.Over 600 scientific articles, research papers, studies and expertise, in the field of civil law, comparative  business and corporate law, corporate governance and labour relations;

For detailed bibliography, see:  COBISS,

Selected books:

BOHINC, Rado. COMPARATIVE COMPANY LAW: an overview on US and some EU countries’ company legislation on corporate governance. Saarbrücken: VDM Verlag Dr. Müller, 2014, cop. 2011. 545 str. ISBN 978-3-639-34251-2. ISBN 363-9-34251-8. [COBISS.SI-ID 32958557]

-BOHINC Rado, International encyclopedia of laws, CORPORATIONS AND PARTNERSHIPS, (suppl. 73). Alphen aan den Rijn: Kluwer Law International, ed. 2006, ed. 2009, ed. 2012, ed. 2018, ISBN 978-90-654-4946-7. [COBISS.SI-ID 32430173]

-BOHINC Rado,  CORPORATIONS : (razlaga pravnih pravil in sodna praksa). 1. izd. Ljubljana: Nebra, 2008. 818 str. ISBN 978-961-91392-8-8. [COBISS.SI-ID 239276800]

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BOHINC Rado, LABOUR AND PUBLIC SERVANTS RELATIONS. 1. natis. Ljubljana: GV založba, 2004. 442 str. ISBN 86-7061-332-8. [COBISS.SI-ID 126916608]

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-BOHINC Rado, LEGAL ISSUES OF CORPORATE GOVERNANCE: an overview of the USA, some EU countries and Slovenia, (Monograph series). 1st ed. Koper: Faculty of Management, 2010. 1 optični disk (CD-ROM). ISBN 978-961-266-091-8. [COBISS.SI-ID 253238528]

-BOHINC Rado, (INTERNATIONAL ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF LAWS, CORPORATIONS AND PARTNERSHIPS, suppl. 42). [The Hague]: Kluwer Law International, 2008. 168 str., portret. ISBN 978-9-06544-946-7. uk/productDetails/category/legal_regulatory/Company_and_Corporate_Law/product/KLI_International_Encyclopaedia_of_Laws_Corporations_and_Partnerships. [COBISS.SI-ID 2782423]

-DALLAS, Lynne L., BAINBRIDGE, Stephen M., BOHINC, Rado. Direktorski odbor in delničarski aktivizem v ZDA in Sloveniji, (Knjižna zbirka Pravo in gospodarstvo). Ljubljana: Fakulteta za družbene vede, 2001. 208 str. ISBN 961-235-080-9. [COBISS.SI-ID 116158208]

-BOHINC Rado, CORPORATE GOVERNANCE, USA, EU, SLOVENIA, (Knjižna zbirka Pravo in gospodarstvo). Ljubljana: Fakulteta za družbene vede, 2001. 361 str. ISBN 961-235-057-4. [COBISS.SI-ID 111580416]-The Entities of Public Law, 2005,

-BOHINC Rado,  LABOUR RELATIONS (Collective and Individual), Ljubljana, FDV, 1998,

-BOHINC Rado, THE LAW ON EUROPEAN UNION (Textbook for university lectures), Ljubljana, FDV 2006 and 2011

-BOHINC Rado Contribution to the BIG COMMENTARY OF SLOVENE COMPANY LAW, 2007, 2014 (chapters on corporate governance and shareholders rights) -BOHINC Rado Contribution to the introductory explanations of Slovene PUBLIC-PRIVATE -PARTNERSHIP LAW, 2006

Selected articles:

-BOHINC, Rado. Historical transformation of property rights in the context of new paradigm of human development. Acta Histriae, ISSN 1318-0185, 2013, letn. 21, št. 3, str. 427-448. [COBISS.SI-ID 2448851]

-BOHINC, Rado, BAINBRIDGE, Stephen M. Corporate governance in post-privatized Slovenia. The American journal of comparative law, ISSN 0002-919X, 2001, vol. 49, no. 1, str. 49-78. [COBISS.SI-ID 20762973]

-BOHINC, Rado. Haftung der Vorstandsmitglieder nach GWG und OblG sowie im Rechtsvergleich. Zeitschrift für Rechtsvergleichung, internationales Privatrecht und Europarecht, ISSN 0514-275X, 2001, jg. 42, h 2, str. 41-56. [COBISS.SI-ID 20566109]

-BOHINC, Rado. Corporate social responsibility versus directors’ duties and liabilities : voluntary & beyond compliance or a legal approach to CSR?. V: BOHINC, Rado (ur.). Corporate governance as a tool for economic growth. Ljubljana: Fakulteta za družbene vede, Založba FDV, 2014, str. 13-31. [COBISS.SI-ID 33012573]

-BOHINC, Rado. Conflicts of directors’ interests with the interests of the company in the context of the financial and economic crisis (a comparative overview of some EU countries). V: BOHINC, Rado (ur.). Corporate governance as a tool for economic growth. Ljubljana: Fakulteta za družbene vede, Založba FDV, 2014, str. 167-191. [COBISS.SI-ID 33014109]


Current research engagement

Restructuring of enterprises, early warning system and appropriate state response (Prestrukturiranje podjetij: sistem zgodnjega opozarjanja in primeren odziv države (Slovene) 1.11.2019―31.10.2020 Principal researcher dr. Burger Anže

International projects:

-Company Law under the Multiple Framework Service Contract with Konstitucijos, Vilnius, Lithuania for the provision of external expertise to the European Parliament’s Committee on Legal Affairs.2016/17, country expert

-Quality circle, research on quality standards for social sciences and humanities, the field of university governance, Universities of Ljubljana, Edinburgh, Koeln, London, Prague, 2015-2017

-Mapping social enterprises and their eco-systems in Europe, GHK Consulting Ltd, The European Commission, DG EMPL, 2013/2014-Study on Directors’ Duties and Liability, prepared for the European Commission DG Market (Liability of the parent and directors of the parent for breaches of duty at the level of the subsidiary) – reviewer of the country report, 2014

-EQPOWEREC, research project on Gender balance in corporate Boards, financed by Government of Norway, 2014-201

-Global Entrepreneurial Talent Management 3 (GETM3) international research project in South Korea at KNU (Daegu) and CNU (Gwangju), from 13.10. to 11.11.2018

-Several research studies in the field of Public administration reform as a consultancy support to Government of Kosovo, contracted by United Nations Development Fund, chief technical advisor to Government, 2012.2015

-University of Montenegro, project on restructuring of study programs 2015-2016, international expert

National research programmes

1.  Network based governance in public and private sector 1.1.2018―31.12.2023 Head: Iglič Hajdeja

2. Slovenhood Dimensions between Local and Global at the Beginning of the Third Millennium 1.1.2019―31.12.2024  Head: Mikolič Vesna Leadership of national research projects:

3. Development and comparative legal research of corporate and labour relations (Razvoj, primerjalno pravne raziskave korporacijskih in delovnih razmerij (Slovene) 1.1.1999―31.12.2003 Head: Bohinc Rado

National research projects (basic)

1. Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises: Contemporary Issues and Challenges for Slovenia and EU, 1.1.2016―31.12.2018     Principal researcher: dr. Bohinc Rado

2. Socially Responsible Corporate Governance as the Foundation of the new Development Paradigm of Slovenia and EU, 1.7.2014―30.6.2017, Principal researcher: dr. Bohinc Rado

3. Legal and economics aspets of corporate governance in the public and private sector as a tool for overcome economic and development crisis, 1.7.2011―30.6.2014 Principal researcher: dr. Bohinc Rado

4. Minority protection and rights as factors of integration and diversity management: Case and comparative studies of countries of Central and South Eastern Europe, 1.7.2011―30.6.2014, Principal researcher: dr. Žagar Mitja

5. Comparative  analysis of the legal status of Slovenian farmers in fields of labor law and social security law, 1.10.2011―30.9.2012, Principal researcher: dr. Bohinc Rado

6. Legal aspects and information technology support in the process of democratization of governance of public and private legal entities and industrial relations, 1.7.2007―30.6.2010         Principal researcher: dr. Bohinc Rado

7. The influence of European corporate law and corporate governance to competitiveness of economy, Vpliv evropskega korporacijskega prava in korporacijskega upravljanja na konkurenčnost gospodarstva (Slovene) 1.1.2005―30.9.2006, Principal researcher: dr. Svetličič Marjan

8. A comparative research on security markets in Europe and USA, 1.7.1998―30.6.2001 Principal researcher: dr. Bohinc Rado

9. Slovene management and its role in future, Slovenski management in njegova vloga v prihodnosti (Slovene), 1.9.1999―30.4.2000             Principal researcher:  dr. Bohinc Rado

10. Legal regulation of research activities, Pravno urejanje raziskovalne dejavnosti (Slovene) 1.1.1997―31.12.1999 Principal researcher: dr. Bohinc Rado

11. Enabling the system prerequisites for development of cooperatives, Zagotovitev sistemskih pogojev za razvoj stanovanjskih in gradbenih zadrug (Slovene) 1.12.1997―30.1.1999             Principal researcher: dr. Bohinc Rado


1. Chief technical advisor for UNDP in the following fields:

-company law, business registration, mergers, acquisitions, take overs, directors’ duties and liabilities, shareholders’ rights, security market instruments and institutions, corporate and financial law;

-corporate governance in public (public institutions, public enterprises, social enterprises, public agencies, public funds, public chambers, public private partnership) and private sector (one and two tyre systems of board composition, conflict of interests, remunerations, etc. ;

-public administration (system of civil service, and salaries in public sector, state administration, organization of public sevicies, better regulation, regulatory impact assessment, eliminating administrative obstacles, simplification of legislative drafting, cost reduction, integrity and transparency, participation of the public, etc).

-quality processes in public administration (RIA, EFQM, CAF, better regulation, simplification of legislative drafting, integrity plans, mandatory trainings and examination for senior and managerila level of civil servants, administrative inspections, etc)

-civil servants relations, and public sector salaries system, new public management, public private partnership)

-enterprise development both public and private sector, for the purpose of fostering their economic development in the regional and global context, improving the performance of public enterprises as strategic instruments of economic and social development).

-labour and employment law, public (civil) servants law and other fields of social securities’ laws, harmonisation with EU regulations and directives

2. EU international Expert (EU Commission and the EU Parliament) referring to the following EU policies and legislation: company law,  directors’ duties and liabilities and conflict of interests, shareholders’ minority rights, corporate governance in social enterprises, etc.



I started my professional career in foreign trade company Metalka, in 1971, after finishing Law Faculty of the University of Ljubljana,  as legal adviser.  I left Metalka in 1979 as director of general affairs and moved to Chamber of Economy of Slovenia, first as the secretary of the Regional chamber of Ljubljana and in 1986 elected secretary general and later vice president of the Slovene Chamber of Economy.

1979 -1988

At the Chamber of Economy in mid-eighties, I was amongst other duties assigned as the coordinator of a national research project, titled: How to implement market economy (1987, 1988)? This project was of great importance later for governmental economic and property rights reforms in Slovenia and former Yugoslav federation. Complete project was published in three books by Slovene Chamber of Economy in 1989 and served as one of the basis for further political and economic reforms in the country.

In 1985, I made master degree, in 1987 PH degree in law at the University of Ljubljana, after several study and research trips to some USA universities (NY State, Cornell).


In 1988 I was elected Minister of economy (Secretary of State) of the Federal Government of a former Yugoslavia. As Minister of economy, I was involved in market and ownership reforms of the former federation, aiming to abandon so called contractual economy and self-management exclusivism in economy, aiming to introduce market economy and private property. In this context I, proposed draft law on companies (1988), which for the first time after 5 decades introduced joint stock legal forms for enterprises, that were at that time still socially (state) owned.

In 1991 I established Slovene institute of management, where I have been serving as the President of the institute, since its establishment up until today. As President of the Slovene Research Institute of management, I coordinated and performed research and consultancy work in the above described fields. Initially since 1991, the institute has been predominantly dealing with privatization and legal restructuring of Slovene economy from the early nineties till nowadays. The institute carried on several of EU and other projects mostly in the field of privatization and liberalization of public services, corporate restructuring and governance, take overs, mergers and acquisitions, etc.

At the same time (in 1991),  I started academic career, first at University of Maribor Faculty for business and economics and later at University of Ljubljana, Faculty of social sciences. At that time, I started to lecture and teach labor law and business law.


In 1992 until 1996 I was elected Minister for science and technology of the Government of Slovenia, and at the same time par time lectured at Faculty of social sciences of the University of Ljubljana.As Minister of science and technology, I was National coordinator for the field of research and development (EU Framework research Programme) and for PHARE EU financial aid program. Due to EU harmonisation of this field, I proposed draft law on research activity and on National Academy of sciences  and in addition proposed Slovene National research programme (1994, 1995).


In the years 1996-2000, I was full time professor and researcher at University of Ljubljana, Faculty of social Sciences, and served as president of Slovene institute of management. At that time I vas visiting researcher and professor at Wirtschaft Universitet Wien (1998) , University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) (1999, as
Fulbright guest researcher and University of San Diego, Law school (as guest professor). At that time, I was mainly involved in comparative corporate law issues, comparing US and EU legislation on company, securities and financial law. Research was published in two books, and articles in American Law Review and in a publication published in FOWI institute, Wiena.

In the years 1996-1998 I also served as President of the Council of The International Center for Promotion of Enterprises (ICPE) ICPE is an intergovernmental organization of 19 member countries with the objective of promoting and supporting enterprise development in both public and private sector, for the purpose of fostering their economic development in the regional and global context.


In the years 2000-2004, I served as Minister of interior of the Government of Slovenia. As minister of interior, for four years, I conducted and coordinated national projects, that led to compliance of Slovene and EU legislation, on the following fields:

-public administration (public servants relations, and salaries system, new public management, public private partnership..)

-justice and home affairs (border control, asylum, migrations, police organisation, visa policy…)

In addition I led several other important national projects, as for example:

-New laws and legislation on the field of public agencies, public institutions, public funds and public enterprises,

-New system public servants and new system of salaries in public administration and public sector

-Regionalization of Slovenia – implementation of regional institutions in Slovenia

-New strategy in fighting against business crime and corruption

-Modernisation of police organization

-Slovene Shenghen Action plan

Also as an expert for the above fields, I participated in and led professional teams that were responsible for public administration and corporate governance reforms in Slovenia in its approximation to EU and in some other countries from the region. I initiated and professionally participated in legal reforms (law on state administration, law on civil servants, law on salaries of civil servants, law on public agencies, law on inspections, law on public funds) and quality reforms (introduction of RIA, EFQM, CAF, SCM, etc.) in Slovene public administration in last 10-15 years.

I was part time professor of law at University of Ljubljana all the time of this period.


In years from 2004-2007, I was full time professor at University of Ljubljana, Faculty of social sciences, and president of Slovene institute of management. As Professor and researcher of law, I developed and performed research and gave lectures in postgraduate, master and phd degree in the following fields (subjects):

-Business Law (corporate and contractual)

-Labour Law (Collective and Individual)

-Securities Law (Law on securities market)

-Law on European Union (legal issues)


In years from 2007-2011, I was elected rector of University of Primorska and at the same time lectured at the Faculty of management of this university and continued teaching at university of Ljubljana of Ljubljana. In these years, I visited several universities from all over the world and researched issues related to accountability and autonomy of a modern university. At that time several new study programs were prepared and introduced at the university.


Since 2011 up until now, I am full professor at University of Ljubljana as professor an researcher of legal subjects, 2 years Head of the chair of management and HRM and all the time Head of the Research center for comparative law .

In the meantime, as  United Nations Development Program’s  Chief technical adviser for public administration and company law in the years 2011 until  2014, I initiated and started up quality processes in public administration reforms (RIA, EFQM, CAF, better regulation, simplification of legislative drafting, integrity plans, mandatory trainings and examination for senior and managerial level of civil servants, administrative inspections, etc.) and company and business registration reform in Kosovo.


In 2015 I was elected dean of the Faculty of social sciencies of the Univeresity of Ljubljana and member of the University and aculty senat and served until 2017. Since then, I am employed at the same Faculty as professor and researcher and Head of the Research centre for comparative legal studies. Until June 2019.

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