• Degree in Law, Faculty of Law University of ljubljana 1971
  • Master Degree in Law, Faculty of Law University of ljubljana 1984
  • Doctoral Degree in Law, Faculty of Law University of ljubljana 1987

Present employment:

  • Professor and researcher of Business (Corporate), Labour and EU Law, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana (since 1988),
  • Department Head of the Research Centre for Comparative Legal Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences,University of Ljubljana (since 1996).

Former employments:

  • Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana ( 2015-2017),
  • Rector of the University of Primorska (2007-2011),
  • Department Head of the Law Institute, Science and Research Centre, University of Primorska Koper, Slovenia (2010-2014),
  • Minister of the Interior and member of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia (2000-2004),
  • Minister for Science and Technology and member of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia (1993-1996),
  • Minister of Economy in Government of the former Yugoslavia (1988),
  • General Secretary and Vice-President of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce (1984-1988),
  • President of the Slovenian Institute of Management (since 1990).

Present function:

  • President of the administrative board of the Agency for research of Slovenia (since 2014);

Former functions:

  • President of the Slovenian Science Foundation and member of the Administration Board (1994-2012),
  • President of the Rectors Conference of the Alps-Adriatic Universities (2009 – 2010),
  • President of Rectors’ Conference of the Republic of Slovenia (2008 – 2010),
  • President of Supervisory boards in a number of companies,
  • President of the Administrative Board of the University of Ljubljana (1999-2000),
  • Member of the Science Council and of the International Board for Public and Cooperative Economy, CIREC, Liege,
  • Member of the Standing Committee for Social Sciences of the European Science Foundation,
  • Member of the Administrative Board of the University of Ljubljana and Faculty of Social Sciences,
  • Chief editor of the journal Company and Work (1978-2008),
  • President of the association Citizen forum (1996-2000),
  • President of the Society of business lawyers of Ljubljana.

Lectured at universities in Europe (Austria, Italy, Germany, Norway) USA, India, Russia, New Zeeland, South Korea
Participated as speaker at numerous international conferences and symposia, organized mainly by:

  • EU bodies and institutions,
  • European University association, universities and research institutions,
  • International associations for Public, Social and Cooperative Economy,
  • European Science Foundation and other sience associations,
  • Scienticic Conferences in the field of Law, Economy and other Social sciences,
  • Universities.



I started my professional career in foreign trade company Metalka, in 1971, after finishing Law Faculty of the University of Ljubljana,  as legal adviser.  I left Metalka in 1979 as director of general affairs and moved to Chamber of Economy of Slovenia, first as the secretary of the Regional chamber of Ljubljana and in 1986 elected secretary general and later vice president of the Slovene Chamber of Economy.

1979 -1988

At the Chamber of Economy in mid-eighties, I was amongst other duties assigned as the coordinator of a national research project, titled: How to implement market economy in the country (1987, 1988)? This project was of great importance later for governmental economic and property rights reforms in Slovenia and former Yugoslav federation. Complete project was published in three books by Slovene Chamber of Economy in 1989 and served as one of the basis for further political and economic reforms in the country.

In 1985 I made master degree, in 1987 PH degree in law at the University of Ljubljana, after several study and research trips to some USA universities (NY State, Cornell).


In 1988 I was elected Minister of economy (Secretary of State) of the Federal Government of a former Yugoslavia. As Minister of economy, I was involved in market and ownership reforms of the former federation, aiming to abandon so called contractual economy and self-management exclusivism in economy, aiming to introduce market economy and private property. In this context I, proposed draft law on companies (1988), which for the first time after 5 decades introduced joint stock legal forms for enterprises, that were at that time still socially (state) owned.

In 1991 I established Slovene institute of management, where I have been serving as the President of the institute, since its establishment up until today. As President of the Slovene Research Institute of management, I coordinated and performed research and consultancy work in the above described fields. Initially since 1991, the institute has been predominantly dealing with privatization and legal restructuring of Slovene economy from the early nineties till nowadays. The institute carried on several of EU and other projects mostly in the field of privatization and liberalization of public services, corporate restructuring and governance, take overs, mergers and acquisitions, etc.

At the same time (in 1991),  I started academic career, first at University of Maribor Faculty for business and economics and later at University of Ljubljana, Faculty of social sciences. At that time, I started to lecture and teach labor law and business law.


In 1992 until 1996 I was elected Minister for science and technology of the Government of Slovenia, and at the same time par time lectured at Faculty of social sciences of the University of Ljubljana.As Minister of science and technology, I was National coordinator for the field of research and development (EU Framework research Programme) and for PHARE EU financial aid program. Due to EU harmonisation of this field, I proposed draft law on research activity and on National Academy of sciences  and in addition proposed Slovene National research programme (1994, 1995).


In the years 1996-2000, I was full time professor and researcher at University of Ljubljana, Faculty of social Sciences, and served as president of Slovene institute of management. At that time I vas visiting researcher and professor at Wirtschaft Universitet Wien (1998) , University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) (1999, as
Fulbright guest researcher and University of San Diego, Law school (as guest professor). At that time, I was mainly involved in comparative corporate law issues, comparing US and EU legislation on company, securities and financial law. Research was published in two books, and articles in American Law Review and in a publication published in FOWI institute, Wiena.

In the years 1996-1998 I also served as President of the Council of The International Center for Promotion of Enterprises (ICPE) ICPE is an intergovernmental organization of 19 member countries with the objective of promoting and supporting enterprise development in both public and private sector, for the purpose of fostering their economic development in the regional and global context.


In the years 2000-2004, I served as Minister of interior of the Government of Slovenia. As minister of interior, for four years, I conducted and coordinated national projects, that led to compliance of Slovene and EU legislation, on the following fields:

-public administration (public servants relations, and salaries system, new public management, public private partnership..)

-justice and home affairs (border control, asylum, migrations, police organisation, visa policy…)

In addition I led several other important national projects, as for example:

-New laws and legislation on the field of public agencies, public institutions, public funds and public enterprises,

-New system public servants and new system of salaries in public administration and public sector

-Regionalization of Slovenia – implementation of regional institutions in Slovenia

-New strategy in fighting against business crime and corruption

-Modernisation of police organization

-Slovene Shenghen Action plan

Also as an expert for the above fields, I participated in and led professional teams that were responsible for public administration and corporate governance reforms in Slovenia in its approximation to EU and in some other countries from the region. I initiated and professionally participated in legal reforms (law on state administration, law on civil servants, law on salaries of civil servants, law on public agencies, law on inspections, law on public funds) and quality reforms (introduction of RIA, EFQM, CAF, SCM, etc.) in Slovene public administration in last 10-15 years.

I was part time professor of law at University of Ljubljana all the time of this period.


In years from 2004-2007, I was full time professor at University of Ljubljana, Faculty of social sciences, and president of Slovene institute of management. As Professor and researcher of law, I developed and performed research and gave lectures in postgraduate, master and phd degree in the following fields (subjects):

-Business Law (corporate and contractual)

-Labour Law (Collective and Individual)

-Securities Law (Law on securities market)

-Law on European Union (legal issues)


In years from 2007-2011, I was elected rector of University of Primorska and at the same time lectured at the Faculty of management of this university and continued teaching at university of Ljubljana of Ljubljana. In these years, I visited several universities from all over the world and researched issues related to accountability and autonomy of a modern university. At that time several new study programs were prepared and introduced at the university.


Since 2011 up until now, I am full professor at University of Ljubljana as professor an researcher of legal subjects, 2 years Head of the chair of management and HRM and all the time Head of the Research center for comparative law .

In the meantime, as  United Nations Development Program’s  Chief technical adviser for public administration and company law in the years 2011 until  2014, I initiated and started up quality processes in public administration reforms (RIA, EFQM, CAF, better regulation, simplification of legislative drafting, integrity plans, mandatory trainings and examination for senior and managerial level of civil servants, administrative inspections, etc.) and company and business registration reform in Kosovo.


In 2015 I was elected dean of the Faculty of social sciencies of the Univeresity of Ljubljana and member of the University and aculty senat and served until 2017. Since then, I am employed at the same Faculty as professor and researcher and Head of the Research centre for comparative legal studies. Until June 2019.