Corporate Social Responsibility

Authors: dr. Rado Bohinc, dr. Til Rozman, dr. Matjaž Uršič, Petra Podobnikar, Maja Jančič, dr. Barbara Rajgelj
Published By: Fakulteta za družbene vede, Založba FDV, Ljubljana, 2016

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When talking about social responsibility on a global level, every entity doing activities in a relationship with nature shall maintain balance between the economy and the ecosystems. In addition, balance should be searched between the profit and social welfare, or, speaking on a wider scale, between economic and social development. A trade-off shall be achieved between two desirable but incompatible features; or, to be less ambitious, at least a compromise.

Modern societies are in search of equilibrium between economic development and the welfare of the society and the environment, however it all depends on how we define economic development; it cannot be a goal per se, rather than satisfying overall human objectives, including social and environmental in the sense of sustainable development and quality of life for all people.”