Prof. dr. Rado Bohinc is full professor of comparative business, and European law and principal researcher at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Faculty of Social Sciences (UL FDV) and Scientific Research Center Koper. He researches EU law, comparative business law, corporate governance and social responsibility. His early books are: Property and Governance, 1988 (GV), Joint Stock Company 1990, (GV), Corporate Governance in Europe and the United States, 2001 (FDV), Public Law Entities, 2003 (GV).
His most important scientific monographs are: Corporations, 2009 (Nebra), Comparative corporate law, 2010 (VerlagDM, Saarbrücken), Corporations and partrerships, ed. 2006, ed. 2009, ed. 2012, ed. 2018 (Kluwer), Media law, ed. 2014, ed. 2019 (Kluwer), Insurance law (co-author), 2018 and ed. 2019 (Kluwer), EU law and institutions, ed. 2007, ed. 2012 (FDV) Social Responsibility 2017 (FDV). He is the editor and co-author of several joint publications, for example: For Social Responsibility, 2018 (FDV), Corporate Social Responsibility, 2016 (FDV), Corporate governance as a tool for economic growth, 2016 (FDV). He lectured at many universities abroad (USA – Fullbright, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, Czech, Sweden, Norway, Russia, India, Nepal, South Korea, New Zealand …) and acted as a as a speaker at numerous national and international scientific conferences and symposiums.

Recent blog posts

dr. Rado Bohinc, Multinational enterprises and irresponsible business conduct Multinational enterprises account today half of global exports, one-third of global production (world GDP) and one-fourth of global employment. Advocates of multinationals say they create high-paying jobs and technologically advanced… Preberi več
Dr. Rado Bohinc: Corporate social responsibility as directors’ duty The reason for the poor implementation of the CSR concept in companies’ day-to-day and strategic business behaviour is the fact that CSR is just a recommendation and a “wishful” orientation.… Preberi več
Dr. Rado Bohinc: More research on how to reduce income inequalities is needed! (upcoming) 8 richest people had in 2017 assets that are equal in value to the remaining half of humanity (3.6 billion people) (Oxfam (2017)). The richest 10% in OECD countries is… Preberi več
Dr. Rado Bohinc: What is NEW SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY? (upcoming) Social responsibility is the way of governance (societal and corporate) that takes into consideration social consequences of governance decision as equally important as environmental and economic ones. Social responsibility is… Preberi več
Dr. Rado Bohinc: Why poor employee ownership progress in the EU? A comparative EU – US overview The EC has never proposed measures using employee financial participation (EFP), as a vehicle to reduce income inequalities. The EC has also never prepared legally binding (compulsory) rules for the… Preberi več

Selected scientific monographs

Selected articles

Selected articles Dr. Rado Bohinc [10995] Historical transformation of property rights in the context of new paradigm of human development. Acta Histriae, ISSN 1318-0185. [Tiskana izd.], 2013, letn. 21, št. 3, str. 427-448. http://zdjp.si/sl/acta.htm. [COBISS.SI-ID 2448851] BOHINC, Rado. Corporate social responsibility : (a European legal perspective). Canterbury law review, ISSN 0112-0581, 2014, vol.… Preberi več